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Sales count down timer

Other than Discount Code, how about a sales count down timer?

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4 votes

Sell digital products

Support also to sell digital products, like software/licenses/etc. When purchased the buyer gets forwarded to a download page/location in the VL shop where it shows the software, license key, login details, etc which then can be downloaded/copied?

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3 votes

Open your blog

We are developing a native blog solution to add to your store. In this way you will be able to publish blog posts already optimized for search engines and create a full communication plan for your potential customers.

3 votes

Product SEO management

Add metadata options in product card, in order to improve products SEO

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We are working to introduce Sub-categories of 1st and 2nd level as for example: >Clothing–> Man—> T-Shirt—> Jackets–>Woman—> Leggings

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Product Page description

Please allow us to customize the product page, product gallery on the top left, brief details on the top right with buy button and at the bottom page the product description to include images or videos to showcase the product for better conversion.

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