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Vetrina Live vs Wix:
Wix alternatives for sellers

VetrinaLive is one of the easier Wix alternatives without transaction fees!

Introduction to Wix Alternatives

In this post, we will talk about one of the Wix alternatives: VetrinaLive. Wix and VetrinaLive are platforms that help users to build e-commerce stores. These platforms offer different services and it may be confusing to compare them.

So if you are looking for a place to sell your products online, and cannot make a decision between Wix and VetrinaLive; you are in the right place!

Wix Alternatives for sellers

In this Wix alternatives review, our research compares the 5 feature categories people find most appealing:

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Help & Support

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Website speed

appointment scheduling by squarespace

Event Scheduling & Reservation

digital products in vetrinalive

Digital Download

If you are looking for a place to sell your products online, you’ve come to the right place.

Wix vs VetrinaLive: Who are they?

logo vetrinalive for email

VetrinaLive does not charge any transaction fees

VetrinaLive is an eCommerce platform to help people to start their own online store in under 10 minutes. VetrinaLive was launched in 2019 in Italy. Now, across the globe more than 4,000 businesses sell their products on VetrnaLive.

VetrinaLive does not charge any transaction fees.

VetrinaLive is very easy to use. You can set up an ecommerce store very quickly. Also, it has integration with ShippyPro. So you can fulfill orders faster and offer the delivery experience your clients expect when shopping from your store. VetrinaLive adopts new features regularly so the customer experience is improving on a regular basis.

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Wix offers different products to create online stores

Wix was founded in 2006 in Tel Aviv. The Wix team launched the product in 2007. In 2013, Wix had an initial public offering (IPO) on NASDAQ.

Wix offers different products to create online stores. These products include personal website builders, online store builders and business sites builders for different industries.

The side-by-side comparison

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As we mentioned earlier, Wix has too many options to build a website. This can be confusing. In this article, we are comparing e-commerce builders.

Wix does not have a free plan for e-commerce, whereas VetrinaLive has both free and paid plans. 

VetrinaLive is built for e-commerce and has options for it. On the other hand, Wix started to serve as a simple website builder, then moved to the e-commerce area. Wix and VetrinaLive offer e-commerce builders, that means you can start building your online store with these platforms.

The difference between those platforms is that Wix focused on business niches like fitness, event management, hotels and restaurants. 

VetrinaLive focuses on e-commerce. This makes it so easy to start and run your e-commerce store in under 5 minutes with VetrinaLive.


If you are running a business like fitness, event management, hotel, or restaurant and want to operate your business online; Wix offers great solutions for these niches, but not for e-commerce.

best alternatives to wix

Wix also offers e-commerce packages. But as we mentioned earlier, these packages are built for some business niches. With that said, you can use Wix as your online store builder. There are enough features to run your online store.

Also, do not forget that Wix gets 2,9% + 0,30$ commission for every sale.

First of all, you do not pay any transaction fees on VetrinaLive. Also, most of the features are available in all paid plans. There are also powerful apps that you can use in your shop whenever you want to.

Now, let’s look at how Squarespace and VetrinaLive compare with each other in several key categories.

Compare features

wix alternatives
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Cost & Transaction fees

As we mentioned earlier, Wix has different features and packages. Wix offers different features in different plans. These are the plans for website builders. In these plans, you can just build a simple website. You can not start an online store or an e-commerce store with these plans.

alternatives to wix pricing

For e-commerce, we click the right place and see these prices:

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Wix does not offer a free plan or free trial for e-commerce plans. So you need to pay at least 20€ for the Business Basic Plan to see what you will get. This is a bit confusing. It would be better to see what we will get before paying for it.

The cheapest plan of Wix is Business Basic Plan. The Business Basic Plan starts with 20€ which is not expensive, and not cheap. Also, do not forget that for every sale, you Wix gets 2,90% + 0,30$ of your revenue.

Assume that you sell 100 products in a month, and each of them are 30$.

As you can see, Wix gets more money from you with different transaction fees. You need to think about this before selling on Wix. Actually, this is one of the biggest reasons why people are looking for Wix alternatives.

When we dig into expensive plans on Wix, here is what we get:

  • Business VIP Plan: 44€ per month
  • Business Unlimited Plan: 30€ per month

There are not too many differences between these plans. Wix has different 3rd party partners. When you buy expensive plans, you have the right to use more features from 3rd party partners.

Also, we realized that Wix ecommerce store plans do not offer 3rd party integration. This means, you are stuck in Wix. You cannot go further to apply your ideas for your store. This is another reason why users are looking for Wix alternatives.

On VetrinaLive, you do not pay any transaction fees for your sales. Also, VetrinaLive offers a FOREVER FREE PLAN: with this plan, your store can have a maximum of 10 products. Again, you do not pay any transaction fees.




Billed annually

Max 50 Products




Billed annually

Max 300 Products




Billed annually

Unlimited Products

VetrinaLive has different packages. They are related to the number of products on your online shop. Once you want to sell more products, you can upgrade to another package.

Also, VetrinaLive has a connection with Zapier; so you do not need any API.

When you consider the Squarespace fees, VetrinaLive is the ultimate winner of the fees category.

Website Speed

Your shop with VetrinaLive has a high speed. This helps your website visitors have a better experience. This also helps Google to rank your website in a better position on the search results.

When you use VetrinaLive, you do not need to do anything to make your website. Everything is set up already. No effort is needed to make the website faster.

On Wix, websites are slow. You realize this when you login to your Wix account: it is hard to navigate between the pages: It is slow to build the website.

The problem gets worse once you launch your website: the Wix ecommerce stores are very slow. Even in the Wix forums people are looking for answers for this problem.

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There isn’t only one solution for the speed problem of Wix. You may need to hire developers to solve this issue. Or you may need to remove some features, blocks and applications from your site.

The speed problem of Wix is another reason that users are looking for Wix alternatives.

Ok, now you can ask this question: “Why are you talking about website speed?”

Your website speed is one of the most important elements of the success of your website. If your website is slow, visitors will leave your website quickly. This will increase your bounce rate. When your bounce rate is high, Google and other search engines will think your website does not work properly. And your website ranking starts to drop.

Can you see it? Wix has a speed problem that causes your website not to rank in the first page!

Speed is one of the most important keywords for the people who look for Wix alternatives.

As a result, VetrinaLive is the winner of the speed category.

Digital Downloads: Wix Alternatives for Digital Downloads

Digital downloads is a big market. In 2022, the global digital downloads market size increased to $360B. eBooks, graphic works, templates, craft patterns & downloadable patterns, and stock photographs are some examples of digital downloads.

Yes, the market is huge and you can benefit from this. However, there is no feature on Wix to sell digital downloads.

There is a 3rd party application on Wix that helps you to sell digital downloads. The application is called “Sell Downloads, by Sellfy”.

After you set up your store, you will add the application to your store.

wix alternatives for digital downloads

This application comes with a 14 days free trial. After 14 days, you need to pay 9,99€ every month.

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Let’s make this clear: this 9,99€ per month is the extra fee you need to pay to Wix to sell digital downloads. For example, if you are using the cheapest ecommerce plan of Wix, Business Basic Plan, you pay 20€ per month. If you want to sell digital downloads, you need to pay an extra 9,99€ per month.

To sell digital downloads on Wix, you pay a minimum 29,99€ per month! We are not surprised why a lot of people are looking for Wix alternatives.

When we check the Wix users, they are not happy to use Wix to sell digital downloads. There are lots of negative reviews about selling digital downloads on Wix. For example this seller cannot collect money from customers:

wix digital downloads apps

Also, lots of sellers say that the application does not work:

wix alternatives for ecommerce

After a long investigation we can say that; if you sell digital downloads, Wix has some challenges. This can be a reason that digital download sellers are looking for Wix alternatives.

On the other hand, it is easy to sell digital downloads on VetrinaLive. You simply upload your digital product to VetrinaLive, add details and that’s all! You do not need any 3rd party application. Everything is ready on VetrinaLive.

digital downloads in vetrinalive

VetrinaLive wins the digital download category!

Live Chat Support

All VetrinaLive users can reach live chat support.  When you open a shop with VetrinaLive, you can directly talk to a human, not a robot.

marina customer support


If you have questions or doubts before purchasing, don’t hesitate to contact us

We will get back to you as soon as possible

Even free plan users can reach VetrinaLive customer support. All of Vetrinalive users have the same priority to reach customer support. And there is always someone behind the screen to solve your problem.

We check the customer reviews on Capterra and see that VetrinaLive users love the customer support team. There are lots of 5 star reviews about VetrinaLive and the customer support team.

“very good experience overall”

Pros: it’s very easy to use, a very intuitive interface as I was able to set up my own shop very fast. The customer support is amazing. With all their professionalism and involvement, I am sure that Vetrina Live will become shortly well known.

Wix offers different support for different plans. It is simple: if you pay more you do not wait in the line. If you pay less, you need to wait to get an answer.

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Every company has its own customer support strategy. From our perspective, online shop owners need support to be successful. You cannot wait a week to solve a problem with your shop. The ecommerce platforms should understand this.

It is clear that VetrinaLive got this point and found a great solution.

With its live chat support, quick solutions and fast response with humans, not robots; VetrinaLive is the ultimate winner of the help & support category.

Shopify Alternatives: Apps

We mentioned before that Wix offers solutions for different business niches. Wix focuses on business niches like fitness, event management, hotels and restaurants.

The most strong part of Wix is the event scheduling & reservation systems. Once you set up your store, your customers schedule or make a reservation on your website. You can get all the information and even get paid during scheduling & reservation.

Also, you can use that information and connect it to your CRM or billing system. All of the reservation-CRM-invoicing processes can be automated on Wix.

The scheduling comes with the plans so you do not need to buy any application for this. Upon your request, you can add other free or paid applications for further implementation like automation.

Vetrinalive does not have an event scheduling & reservation system. If you want to implement this to your VetrinaLive shop, you can use form and automation tools. These tools are not in VetrinaLive so you need to take your visitors out of your website. You can use VetrinaLive and Zapier and automate everything you want to.

If your business needs scheduling or a reservation system, you can choose Wix.

Wix is the winner of the event scheduling & reservation category.

The Conclusion for Shopify Alternatives

We spent time finding a Wix alternative. You can use Wix and VetrinaLive for your business. VetrinaLive is an e-commerce based platform so it is a great choice for e-commerce. So VetrinaLive is our top recommendation as one of the Wix alternatives.

VetrinaLive started as an order-management tool for the food industry. From that time, VetrinaLive evolved to one of the easiest ecommerce platforms, and it is growing into something

much bigger.

We know you are looking for Wix alternatives. Take your time and check VetrinaLive now. Use the free plan and see how easy it is to use!

What are you waiting to start building your store for free with VetrinaLive?