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The benefits we offer

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0% transaction fees

Use VetrinaLive for 0% transaction fees so you can save 3600€ per year.

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How does it work?

VetrinaLive is the easiest e-commerce platform on the market to use for you and your customers

You can set up your unique, beautiful and modern online store in minutes
without any coding skills or struggle
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Product & Order Management

Easily manage your products and
get notified for each new order received

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Country & Currency Management

Choose the Country where you
from and the currency you use

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Discount & Campaign Management

Discount your products for
season sales or send special coupons

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Conversion Rate

Increase your conversion rate thanks
to the optimized checkout and CRO features

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Online, offline, in store, delivery Payment Management

Choose how to get paid between
offline and online payment methods

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Keep a direct and personal approach
with your customers via WhatsApp

Why do our customers think we’re the best

Thousands-and-thousands business owners globally have trusted Vetrina Live with their online business! 

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Store that is optimized for sales and customer engagement

Showcase your products on an elegant design, communicate with your customer directly, convert more sales and stand out from competitors.

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