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How To Ship a Package: The Ultimate Guide for International Shipping

How to ship a package


This article will guide you on how to ship a package from your home or a business location as long as there is a post office nearby. There are several ways to ship packages, in US, for example, most people choose to use USPS due to its extensive coverage and competitive rates.
Many people are confused about how to ship packages, so this article will provide you with all the necessary information on how to do it.

1. What is a Package? How to Ship a Package at the Post Office

Package is a general term used to refer to a box, carton, or other container that holds something for mailing.
A package can be stored in the post office and taken by a postal worker when it is ready to be delivered. However, if there are too many packages waiting to be picked up, then you will need to store the package at the post office until the worker can retrieve it.
The package can also be dropped off at any nearby postal location such as your local post office or at a retail location like Staples

2. How to Prepare for Shipping a Package – What You Need to Know

Shipping a package can be extremely stressful and time consuming. This might be because you’re not sure what you need to do, or it might be because you’ve never shipped a package before. Either way, this article will teach you all about how to prepare for shipping your package and what to do when it arrives at its destination.
The first thing that you need to know is the weight of the package that you are shipping. When calculating the weight of your package, take into account any items or products that have been included in the shipment. The next detail that you need to know is the dimensions of your box and then its length, width, and height.

pack you item

3. How to Pack Your Item

Put Your Item in A Bag Or Suitcase

Packing a box is a very old method to ship items. In olden days, the box was kept in a covered envelope. The most modern way of packing a box is to attach a padded envelope. Let your items stay inside the padded envelope and add newspaper to cover them. It is recommended to seal the box in your own handwriting and if you use stamped boxes, stamp it on the side of the box too.

Label the Box with a Name

In most cases the label should be written in the following form: First Name – Last Name – Item Code – ETA – Pickup Address By using these three simple components, the package will be identified easily.

add a company label to you package

Shipper’s Signature

The shipper’s signature will show that the package has been shipped and that you are the shipper.

4. The Importance of Using a Sturdy Box

Unless you are travelling with fragile items, always opt for a cardboard box. We all know that the bigger the box, the more protected it is. It is also cheaper as it makes for less shipping charges. Pack In Dry Bulk Unlike mass marketing products, gifts are mostly for the recipients themselves, and not for your sales team or advertising material. They do not need the recipient to be overjoyed or delighted in getting the item and are willing to wait for it to arrive. Hence, avoid packing fragile or heavy gifts in a delicate or lightweight box. Pack your gifts in dry bulk containers. Make sure that the item that you are shipping is indeed fragile as it will need extra care and attention during the transit.

5. What Size Box Should I Get for my package?

After much consideration, the best size box I would advise you to purchase is a 12″ x 12″ x 18″. This will provide the perfect amount of protection for your package without being unnecessarily expensive.
It is important to keep in mind that the size of your box will vary depending on what you are shipping and what it weighs. For example, if you are shipping something fragile or breakable, then you might want to purchase a larger box. However, if your package does not need as much protection or contains items that are not as fragile, then a smaller box may work just fine!

measure your package

6. Insurance – Protecting Your Expensive Items from Damage and Loss during Shipping

Shipping items around the world has become a lot easier than it used to be. With the help of technology, it is possible to get your items delivered anywhere in the world within a few days. However, there are still some risks that you should be aware of before handing them over to a shipping company but you just need to know that it’s very easy and not so expensive to assure your valuable item. Usually you need just to pay an extra fee on the shipping that can be game changer in case you are sending a fragile and expensive product that could be lost or damaged.
If you don’t know how to ship a package and are a beginner in this, adding an assurance to your shipment could be a good solution.

7. Understanding Mailing Services and Rates for Domestic and International Shipping

There are many types of mailing services and rates for domestic and international shipping. For example, USPS offers a variety of mailing options to achieve the desired level of service, speed, and cost.
A lot can be done to make the shipping process simpler for the customer. For example, a company can offer free shipping when purchased through their website. Or they could bundle products with free or reduced shipping rates to help make it more affordable.

8. What Methods Can I Use To Ship My Item(s)? What Are The Benefits And Limitations?

shipment via see

There are many methods that sellers choose to use to ship their items. Some methods have benefits that can outweigh the limitations, while others might not be as beneficial for the seller.
When shipping parcels internationally, any way of shipping is expensive because of the size and weight of the package. However, there are some options that could be better for the seller than others.
The first option is sending it by sea freight which is a cheaper option but can take a long time to arrive at its destination. This method may also be more difficult for customs officers to inspect packages and might lead to delays in shipping times. The second option is sending it by air freight which costs more but will arrive at its destination faster than sea freight. Air freight might also have less risk of damage or theft since it gets inspected.

9. Shipping from the US

There are a few different courier services available for you to choose from. Some companies offer a standard service with slower response time. You’ll have to pay more than others, for example, you could go with one of the 2 major express shipping services, UPS and FedEx, but be prepared to pay more as you’ll be paying shipping fees to your destination as well. All Express couriers offer standard and priority shipping services. Premium services are sometimes available as well. The ones that you can find offer higher guarantee rates, and sometimes include packaging and insurance on top of that. Depending on your needs you could choose a courier service with quick delivery, reliable service, fast delivery or even just a trusted courier service.

U.S.P.S. First-Class Package Service – for lighter, less time-sensitive items

USPS is one of the most used postal service

U.S.P.S. First-Class Package Service is a service that is usually used for lighter, less time-sensitive items such as letters, postcards, and small packages (less than 13oz).
The U.S.P.S. First-Class Package Service does not provide any insurance; it only provides a tracking number so you can monitor its location in transit and delivery status when it arrives at the destination address.
If you are a beginner, this can be a good solution to learn how to ship a package with a local delivery system in the US.

U.S.P.S Priority Mail – for time-sensitive, heavier packages

For time-sensitive, heavier packages, the U.S.P.S Priority Mail is the best option for shipping. The U.S.P.S Priority Mail is a better option when you need to ship your package in one to two days, and it can take packages that are up to 50 pounds in weight and 15 inches on any side in size as long as they don’t exceed 70 inches in height or length and girth combined.
The U.S.P.S Priority Mail will be deliver anywhere within the contiguous United States (except Hawaii and Alaska). It also offers competitive rates for packages up to 70 pounds with a delivery confirmation service (which is necessary if you want your package delivered internationally).

UPS Ground Service – for freight shipments and heavy packages

ship with UPS

The UPS Ground Service provides a safe and reliable way to ship heavy packages and freight shipments.
The UPS Ground Service is a great option for customers who want to ship something that is too big, too heavy, or too valuable for other services. The company offers the best rate for less-than-truckload shipments, including palletized or non-palletized freight.
The UPS Ground Service includes features such as:

  • The company delivers to residential homes during normal business hours;
  • Deliveries are scheduled Monday through Friday, with some Saturday deliveries available;
  • Deliveries are scheduled within a specific timeframe and do not require a signature upon delivery;
  • Guaranteed next-day delivery on air shipments.

Customers can track their packages at any time using the GPS tracker on the website.

FedEx Ground – for regional, stateless or international shipments

FedEx Ground is an online shipping company that offers affordable rates for small and medium-sized shipments. FedEx Ground is a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation, and it is the company’s primary ground courier service that provides a number of shipping options, depending on the needs of the customer. The company offers pickup services, delivery options, and access to tractor trailers for freight customers. There are also specialized items such as furniture available on their website which require a different type of shipping.
The history of FedEx has been fairly well documented in the popular press. However, there are many interesting facts about the company that may not be as well known to people who don’t work in transportation or logistics.

Ship with Fedex

10. International Shipping

There are two options for shipping internationally:

  • Express Courier: this is the most expensive and complicated way to ship packages, and one should only take this option if there is no other option for the destination. An express courier pick-up is expensive but speedy. This is the most expensive and complicated way to ship packages, and one should only take this option if there is no other option for the destination. An express courier pick-up is expensive but speedy.
  • International Mail: this is usually the cheapest and fastest method to ship packages. Because the US Postal Service charges the least in the world for international shipping, using the USPS is very easy.


Like you read above on how to ship a package, Express Shipping is the cheapest option if you want to ship something quickly and don’t care about a tracking number.
In US, using United States Postal Service (USPS) provides a fast, reliable, and affordable way to send packages, and there are many times that USPS can be used without additional cost. International Courier or National Postal service are often quicker and more expensive than USPS. You can, however, combine them to save money.

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