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How to easily find out what products are trending (Updated 2023)

how to find out products that are trending


Trends. The magic word for all of us. Trending products, trending music, trending activities, and the list goes on.

Trends are magical because once we know the trend, we can monetize it! Imagine that you know the trending product for the next month. Imagine how much money you could generate with this information.

But how can we know the trends before they become a trend? 

There is no 1 answer to this question and that’s why most people know the trends, after becoming trendy.

In this article, we will show you how to find out what items are trending. This article is updated for 2023. 

The secret sauce: you will use different tools to find out the trends.

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most popular tools for finding trends. You can search for keywords for countries. Also, you can compare the keywords. 

how to find trending products

Google regularly publishes trending topics, keywords, and search terms. It is good to follow these reports on Google Trends.

Once you have an idea, check Google Trends first. We are looking for keywords that are getting people’s attention more and more. For example, this is the trend for massage guns:

google trend to find trending products

As you can see, people are looking for this more and more. This is a nice product to follow. Also, please give attention that people are searching less in a couple of months.

You can also search for product names on Google Trends. This will give you a clear idea about the products that people are interested in.

2. Treendly

The problem with Google Trends is, you need to know what to search. So, you have already heard about a product or term. Then you use Google Trends to understand the trend.

Do you see the point? You need to hear about the trend before going to Google Trends.

Treendly helps you with this problem: you discover rising trends you haven’t heard of. It helps you to know the trends before they take off.

There are ready reports for different industries and across different countries. There are curated upcoming trends for ecommerce, SEO, and even stocks!

use treendly to find products that are trending

Treendly helps you to predict the future. This is very important, especially for Ecommerce businesses. You do not want to buy products that will not sell in the coming months! With Treendly, you can solve this problem and stay ahead of the competition.

3. Trendwatchers

Trendwatchers deliver trends for different purposes. You can find trends for creators, businesses, and topics for viral content.

First, you decide your niche. Then, Trendwatchers give you ideas on the trend in your niche. This tool is important especially to create viral content.

In Ecommerce, viral contents help you to reach more people. It also decreases your advertisement costs.

4. Trendhunter to find trending products

Trendhunter is one of the most interesting platforms for trends in tech, design, and fashion. Trendhunter has a free newsletter where you can get updates about new trends across different industries. 

You can find niche-related trend reports on Trendhunter, too. For example, in this report, you can reach the top trending burritos.

trendhunter to find products that are trending in 2023

Trendhunter has a deep niche breakdown. Let’s check their “Fashion” report. Under “Fashion”, there are different categories like watches, jewelry, hair, etc. Under jewelry, there are 6 different niches. 

products that are trending: how to find them easily

This deep level of trending reports can help you to find the next big trend. Once you research the product in these reports, you can easily move on to the right products to sell.

Trendhunter reports are curated regularly. There are even daily reports that you can reach. This gives you a big competitive advantage for your trending product research.

5. The Cool Hunter

The Cool Hunter is one of my favorite magazines. It covers architecture, art, design, travel, and lifestyle. Most product designers use The Cool Hunter for inspiration.

The Cool Hunter is a journal that covers cool trends across the globe. Most of the materials are in the luxury segment. Also, The Cool Hunter has a shop where you can buy what you see.

the cool hunter helps you find out products that are trending

It is a good practice to check the luxury trending products. Then, you can convert them to more affordable products. In this way, you will have products that look nice and appealing. Also, you will deliver valuable products to your customers in a cost-effective way.

6. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is a tool to discover the hottest new trends. It has great features: you can sort the graphs by time and category. Also, there is a database that you can search for. 

trending products to sell how to find them

Exploding Topics offers a free newsletter and delivers you the latest trends. This can be a good point to start and test the platform. 

Also, there is a pro-version in that you can learn the trends before they happen. Most of Fortune 500 companies use this tool to catch the trends. Moreover, you can learn about trending startups with the same tool.

One of the best parts of Exploding Topics is the under-radar markets. This tool shows you the markets that are not figured out yet. With this information, it is easy to find new products and services to offer the market. You can even find new social trends that you can use to create new products around.

how to search for new products that are trending

7. SparkToro Trending

SparkToro Trending is SparkToro’s tool to discover trending topics online. You can easily reach the trending topics just by using SparkToro Trending.

products that are trending

Sometimes you can see the physical products, but mostly you will reach the topics in a more generalized theme. 

So why is this important?

Once you understand the trending themes, it will be easy to find the related products around the themes. Please keep in mind that all trending products are aligned with a single theme. 

With this free tool, you will be able to learn the trending themes that will help you to find the right product and service to offer.

8. Trends.co

Trends.co helps you to find the next big thing easily. It gives different business ideas weekly that you can start. Also, they have a community of entrepreneurs and investors that may help you.

Trends.co shares business trends regularly. This helps you to find the product market fit without running market research. Also, Trends.co has live training around different topics like SEO, marketing, and operations.

You get weekly newsletters from the platform that covers all the trends and topics. The first week is 1$. You can test the first week, and if you like it you can continue the yearly package that costs 299$.


In this article, we shared the tools and websites that can help you to find trending products. You cannot rely on 1 platform to find the trend before it becomes a trend. 

Check the tools we shared with you and try to find the similarities. If you see the same product in 3 different tools in the same week; this is the winner!

Once you figure out which products to sell, you can start your online shop without any transaction fees!

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Umut Sönmez

Umut Sönmez

Umut is a business developer and an entrepreneur with multiple exits. He arrives in Vetrina Live as Chief Business Development Officer after working in different C-level positions across the globe. He lives in Las Palmas with his wife and Yorkshire Terrier.

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