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What is the best business for 2023? 11 ideas to start

best business for 2023 to start


We all hear about the recession. From history, we know that recessions are the best time to start a business.

From this perspective, 2023 is one of the best years to start a business. But what is the best business for 2023? This is a big question.

In this article, we will look for the answer to What is the best business for 2023.

1. Ecommerce Store

start an ecommerce business as one of the best businesses idea in 2023

Ecommerce became very popular after the COVID-19 pandemic. Even after all the lockdowns, we get used to buying things easier with eCommerce. That’s why ecommerce is a growing industry.

Most entrepreneurs follow this booming industry. With e-commerce, you simply set up your online store, add your products to your store and start selling! There are eCommerce platforms like VetrinaLive that helps you set up your eCommerce store in under 5 minutes.

There are also e-commerce marketplaces to start eCommerce. The most popular one is Amazon. Also, if you plan to sell handmade goods you may want to check Etsy.

2. Consulting

consulting as business idea to start in 2023

Time and knowledge are the most valuable assets. You cannot create and sell time directly, but you can sell your knowledge! 

People want to reach their goals faster. To reach their goals faster, they want to learn the things they do not know. To make this happen, they pay consultants. This is the reason consulting is in the “What is the best business for 2023” article.

Consultants help other people by sharing knowledge and experience. Consultants help others to achieve their dreams faster & easier. You can think that you do not know a lot or you are not experienced enough. But the knowledge or an experience that is easy for you can be worth thousands of dollars for other people.

Start thinking about your experiences. For which topics do your friends ask for your advice? This is your starting point. You can be a consultant with the topics you know and can talk for more than 30 minutes without any preparation. 

Most of people are looking for advice for 2023 so consulting is a good one to start!

3. Online Courses

best business for 2023: online courses

As we mentioned in the consulting part, people are ready to pay for knowledge. Online courses are a great way to turn your knowledge and passion into money.

Most of the online courses have videos and texts. Do not focus on the quality of your camera. The most important in online courses is the content. If you deliver solutions during your course, people will love it. Also, they will ask their friends to buy your course.

To launch an online course,

  • decide the topic
  • write an outline
  • record & edit the videos
  • create documents, quizzes, slides, etc.

Then promote your course on social media platforms, and share it with your friends and family members.

Online courses can be a good side hustle. Most entrepreneurs generate more than 100,000$ in revenue with online courses.

Now, it is your time to turn your passion into a course!

4. Digital Marketing

diggity marketing SB0WARG16HI unsplash

As we see, every business is going online. Restaurants, education, and even doctors are serving online. Once these businesses are running online, there is a demand for marketing. 

When a business decides to sell online, the business needs digital marketing activities. The business should set up a website, and social media accounts, write blog posts, and create, publish, and distribute content.

It is very hard to do all of these activities. Here is the place where digital marketers jump in. With digital marketing activities, businesses increase their online presence.

You can offer a full package of digital marketing services. You take a business and create the whole online presence. Also, create and distribute related content on different social media platforms.

The other way is to offer niche digital marketing services. In this path, you will offer 1 or 2 types of services. You can offer to write a blog post, create a video for TikTok or design a website for your customers.

Whatever path you choose, digital marketing is one of the quickest businesses you can start. Digital marketing is in the “What is the best business for 2023” article because it is easy and cheap to start.

5. Cleaning Services

ideas to start the best business in 2023

When people think about What is the best business for 2023, they forget about classic businesses. We add some classic businesses into this “What is the best business for 2023?” article to show you the opportunities.

Cleaning services have too much demand globally. Individuals need cleaning services for their homes. Businesses need cleaning services for their offices. By 2023, people return to the office, there will be a bigger market for office cleaning services.

To start a cleaning services business, you need to decide on the niche first. Do you want to serve homes or businesses? If you want to serve businesses, do you want to help offices or restaurants? As you can see, there are too many options and you choose the best for you.

Once you decide on your niche, the second step is to start the business. You can use Google Maps and hand fliers to promote your business. You can give the service yourself, or you can hire people. When you hire people, be sure to train them so newcomers will be able to know which tasks they will do.

Cleaning services is a good answer if you ask “What is the best business for 2023?” This business is better if you serve a niche segment. Once you deliver good service, you will see that lots of people will reach you for your services. 

6. Lawn care Services

lawn services is one of the best businesses for 2023

Lawn care services deal with landing services, moving grass & lawn, trimming the grass & lawn, mowing the grass & lawn, and removal of debris & trash. Mainly, as a lawn care service business owner, you make the gardens beautiful.

Mainly, homeowners look for this type of service. As like in the cleaning services business, you can use fliers and Google Maps to promote your business. You can do the tasks yourself, or hire people. As we mentioned before, be sure that your team works well and delivers high-quality service.

Once you find your first customer, do your best. Create a great impression. Make before & after pictures and videos of your work. Later, you can use these pictures and videos as marketing materials.

Lawn care services are one of the best businesses for 2023.

7. Babysitting

best businesses for 2023

With the “work-from-home” trend, something interesting happened. Parents were at home all day. Schools were closed and children were at home too.

But how can you both work and take care of your children at the same place, and at the same time? 

This is the reason that the need for babysitting is increasing. 

Mainly, you need to take care of all your customers yourself. So this business is hard to scale. Of course, you can always hire people but the babysitting business is based on trust. Parents need to trust you before they leave their children alone with you. If you want to scale your babysitting business, you start to think about how you can find trustable people to work with you.

Most of the time, you will spend a couple of hours with the babies or children. Also, some families can ask you to live with them. This type of babysitting pays a lot.

If you like being with babies and children; babysitting is one of the best businesses for 2023!

8. Real Estate Business

real estate is a good business to start in 2023

With the high level of inflation, home prices are increasing. This has 2 results:

  1. People who already have homes want to sell their homes to make a profit.
  2. People without homes want to buy homes because they are afraid that home prices will increase more.

These 2 results create a big opportunity in the real estate market. 

Starting a real estate business may need different directions in different countries. In some countries, you need a real estate license. To get this license, you need to get courses and pass several exams. On the other hand, you do not need to get a license in some countries to start a real estate business.

A real estate business is based on getting a commission. You help people to buy, sell and rent homes, lands, offices, and other types of real estate. With every successful transaction, you get a commission. The more transactions you do, the more commission you get!

If you are a person who loves homes and people; real estate is a good business to start in 2023!

9. Owning a food truck

if you love food, this is the best business to start in 2023

Food trucks are becoming more and more popular. Even some cities have separate places for food trucks. People love spending time around these places.

Owning a food truck is one of the most expensive businesses to start in this article. So, be sure that you’re a foodie and this business is for you!

To start a food truck business, you need to do research first. Check the food trucks in your city, and understand their themes and concepts. Then, start to think about how you can differentiate. What will be your uniqueness? Add your own character to your food truck to beat the competition.

The next step in starting a food truck is to figure out the costs. You will need a truck, kitchen equipment, and other supplies. Also, you need to find out the costs of legal expenses. It takes between 1,000$ to 250,000$ to get a license for a food truck. Make sure that you are aware of all expenses.

While you are building your food truck, it is good to start marketing your business. Try both online and offline methods to promote your food truck business.

Running a food truck takes a lot of time but if you love food, this is the best business to start in 2023.

10. Pet sitting

pet sitting as one of best businesses in 2023

Pet sitting businesses help pet owners with their pets. 

Pet owners need extra help to take care of their pets. Imagine that you have a pet and you decide to go on a vacation. Who will take your pet during your vacation? Or imagine that you have a pet and you work long hours. Who will exercise, play or take care of your pet?

If you are an animal lover, the pet-sitting business is the perfect match for you! You can spend time with lovely pets and earn money at the same time. 

You can take care of the pets in your home, or in customers’ homes. The most popular version of the pet sitting business is dog-sitting where you just take the dogs for daily walks.

As you can see, the pet sitting business is a funny job of taking care of animals.

11. Resume writing

With COVID, most people want to work in the IT industry. This created a big shift in careers. People learn new skills and apply to new positions that they have never worked in before. So, more and more people are looking for help with their resumes

The resume writing service is an easy business you can start in 2023. You help people to write their resumes. First, you find different templates for resumes. It is a good practice to find templates for different roles. You have templates for developers, teachers, designers, bartenders, and so on. This will help you to create a great first impression. You can use Canva to design the templates or use the ready templates online. They are both free!

Then, you study the job descriptions. You simply find out the keywords for the roles and add those keywords to the resume. With this, you increase the chance of the visibility of the applicant, who is your customer. You can check LinkedIn to see different job descriptions. Finally, you deliver the resume in different formats like PDF, jpeg, or Docx. 

Finding customers for resume writing services is very easy. Simply go to LinkedIn and search for people who are looking for a job. You send them private messages. Also, you can write comments on their posts and tell them about your services.

In the current economic trend, we see that more and more people will need resume writing services. So resume writing service is best for 2023! And this can be your chance to make some money.

Conclusion for what is the best business for 2023

We went through some business ideas in this “What is the best business for 2023?” article. The businesses you can start in 2023 are not restricted to the ideas in this post. There are dozens of other businesses you can start with. Go over them and see which one fits you best.

From the trends and investment perspective; starting an online shop is one of the best ideas. You can start an online shop in under 5 minutes without any investment. Also, eCommerce businesses are profitable.
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