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Opening an online store with Vetrina Live is extremely easy but, if you have doubts, here’s you find all the video tutorials to start and boost your eCommerce. If your question is not listed, click bottom-right and chat with us!

How to add products for sale

Discover how to easily add products for sale in your Vetrina Live eCommerce store

How to add a logo and change the theme

Find out how to add your shop logo and how to change the theme of your Vetrina Live online store

How to setup the address and Whatsapp connection

Discover how to setup your shop address and how to connect WhatsApp to your Vetrina Live store.

How to setup Delivery Options

Setup easily your delivery options following this video tutorial

How to setup Payment Methods

Make sure your customers can easily pay you with credit cards, PayPal and Razorpay.

Final Setup & How to share your eCommerce

Discover how to share your eCommerce store on social media.

How to setup a Custom Domain

Discover how to add your personal domain so your customers can easily go to your online shop.

How to setup an Exit Popup

Add an Exit Popup to your store to make people stay on your website with extra incentives.

How to use the Storytelling feature

Storytelling feature allows you to show to your customers a bit more of your company. Discover how.

How to set up ShippyPro

ShippyPro brings together everything you need to ship, track, return your orders and scale your fulfillment globally.

Come generare l'ID Cliente PayPal

In questo video vi guideremo nella generazione del Client ID del vostro account PayPal Business. In questo modo potrete facilmente abilitare i pagamenti online.

Come creare un account PayPal Business

Come creare un account PayPal Business, necessario per abilitare la vostra vetrina ai pagamenti online.