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4 votes

Sell digital products

Support also to sell digital products, like software/licenses/etc. When purchased the buyer gets forwarded to a download page/location in the VL shop where it shows the software, license key, login details, etc which then can be downloaded/copied?

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2 votes


To give the instant discount code on specific time or Atc page or checkout page

3 votes

Open your blog

We are developing a native blog solution to add to your store. In this way you will be able to publish blog posts already optimized for search engines and create a full communication plan for your potential customers.

1 vote

RazorPay Integration

RazorPay will be added as payment method option

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3 votes

Product SEO management

Add metadata options in product card, in order to improve products SEO

2 votes

Facebook & Instagram Marketing Platform

With this new feature, shop owners will be able to launch facebook and instagram campaigns directly from the Vetrina Live Admin Panel

2 votes

Customers management

In your admin panel you’ll see the list of customers (that gave the consent) with their orders history and some data for analysis. 

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