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Become an eCommerce Agency
With $0 Investment

Register to the online course and discover how to earn money by providing eCommerce services such as Online Store Building and Business Owners’ Support to start their online journey.

What's included in the course?

Section 1

Learning how to build an eCommerce store

✅ Why eCommerce, and why should you take this as a side hustle?

✅ Introduction to the Vetrinalive platform (Showcasing all features and types of stores one can build)

✅ Vetrinalive tutorials (From buying a domain to setting up the 1st store, already done)

✅ FAQs and things to note

Section 2

Getting your 1st Client

✅ Marketing terminology: Definitions of Leads, Sales, Pitch, Automation. ( etc words we will use in the course)

✅ Things to keep ready before you pitch:

  • Sample eCommerce store
  • Client Objections
  • Contracts & Paperwork
  • Tool stack you’ll use
  • Bank acc/PayPal acc/any other acc for collecting payments
  • Taxes you will pay (Having knowledge helps you price better)

✅ Client objections and client handling

✅ Sales techniques to close faster

Section 3

Lead Gen for your agency

LeadGen method 1: Door to Door Sales (The $0 method)

LeadGen method 2: Cold calling (The $0 method)

LeadGen method 3: Cold emailing (The $0 method)

LeadGen method 4: Organic social media marketing (The $0 method)

eCommerce market value is around $75 Billion and you can take your slice turning brick and mortar stores into well-made eCommerce shops

What is Vetrina Live?

Vetrina Live is the easiest eCommerce platform that allows everyone, also those that are not tech savvy, to create their online store and sell their products.

Moreover, Vetrina Live doesn’t charge any transaction fee so the earnings totally remain to the owners.

ecommerce agency online course


Sellers using Vetrina Live worldwide


Income of the top 100 sellers on Vetrina Live


Earnings burned on transaction fees

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Vetrina Live is an e-commerce platform that allows you to easily create your online shop and sell your products. It’s the easiest solution on the market and can be used by everyone, also if you have no technical or web knowledge.

All the content will be in English. 

Like Shopify and Woocommerce, Vetrina Live allows you to create an online shop, fully manageable autonomously.

Unlike Shopify and Woocommerce, Vetrina Live user interface is simplified and easy to use also by those that are not tech-savvy. Vetrina Live comes with a pre-built and optimized structure and for this reason, your shop can be truly online in a few minutes.