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Vetrina Live vs Shopify:
Shopify alternatives for sellers

VetrinaLive is one of the best Shopify alternatives without fees!

Introduction to Shopify Alternatives

In this blog post, we will check one of the Shopify alternatives: VetrinaLive. Both Shopify and VetrinaLive are in the e-commerce platforms market. These platforms offer different features so it can be confusing to find the best Shopify alternative.

You are looking for Shopify alternatives to sell your products online; you are in the right place.

shopify alternatives

In this Shopify alternatives review, we researched 5 important categories people find most important:

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Help & Support

vetrina live is easier to use than squarespace


google analytics g4

Google Analytics 4

digital products in vetrinalive

Digital Download

If you are looking for a place to sell your products online, you’ve come to the right place.

Shopify vs VetrinaLive: Who are they?

logo vetrinalive for email

VetrinaLive does not charge any transaction fees

VetrinaLive is an eCommerce platform to help people to start their own online store in under 10 minutes. VetrinaLive was launched in 2019 in Italy. Now, across the globe more than 4,000 businesses sell their products on VetrnaLive.

VetrinaLive does not charge any transaction fees.

VetrinaLive is very easy to use. You can set up an ecommerce store very quickly. Also, it has integration with ShippyPro. So you can fulfill orders faster and offer the delivery experience your clients expect when shopping from your store. VetrinaLive adopts new features regularly so the customer experience is improving on a regular basis.

shopify logo

Shopify has basic features for an e-commerce store

Shopify was founded in 2006 in Ottawa, Canada. The founders started to sell their own products online but they were not happy with the existing solutions. They turned this problem into an opportunity and created their own e-commerce platform: Shopify.

Shopify’s motto is “Sell everything, everywhere”.

Shopify has basic features for an e-commerce store. For any other feature, you add applications to your website.

The side-by-side comparison

best shopify alternatives

Shopify comes with a 14 days free trial. In the first 14 days, you do not pay to Shopify. You can use the platform and see if it fits you. After 14 days, you need to pay, or you will lose your website.

VetrinaLive has a FOREVER FREE PLAN and paid plans. During this Shopify alternatives article, we will compare both platforms.

VetrinaLive and Shopify are e-commerce platforms for entrepreneurs. This helps you start your ecommerce store without any developer or programmer. 

Of course, there are some differences. On Shopify, you buy and add applications to your website to do basic things like connecting your store to Google Analytics 4, or sell on Facebook. You need to add these applications to have a full ecommerce store. 

In VetrinaLive, nearly all plans have the same feature set. You do not need to pay for any applications on VetrinaLive.


Before using Shopify, you must understand which applications you need for your website. Investigate the applications, calculate the costs and see if this works for you.

best alternatives to shopify

As we mentioned earlier, even to set up Google Analytics 4, you need to buy an application on Shopify. The application costs 749$. Google Analytics is the basic website visitor analysis tool. Even Google gives this tool free, but you must pay money to Shopify to use it. This is one of the biggest reasons that people are looking for Shopify alternatives.

On VetrinaLive, you do not pay for the applications. Features come with the plans.  The basic setup like Google Analytics and Facebook are in the platform already. 

Let’s check how Shopiy and VetrinaLive compare with each other in the key categories:

Jämför funktioner

shopify alternatives table
shopify alternatives


As we mentioned earlier, Shopify offers different features in different plans.

shpify pricing table

The cheapest plan on Shopify is the Basic plan. This plan cost 29$ per month. As you can see, you pay 2,9% transaction fee over your sales and 0,30$ for each sale.

Let’s do match:

Think that you sell 10 products in a month, and each product costs 50$

If you upgrade to expensive plans, you pay less transaction fee commission. But you must do the calculation before deciding the plans.

For the expensive Shopify plans, more people from your team can access the platform. Also you can get more personalized reports. And finally, you pay less transaction fees.

Keep in mind that, in every plan you need to pay 0,30$ for each transaction.

For Shopify alternatives, we need to talk about the applications, aka Shopify apps. We have a separate section for apps ın the coming pages. From the cost perspective, we want to give you an idea about what you will face.

Moiz Ali, founder of the Native Cosmetics, is an entrepreneur. He sold Native Cosmetics for 100,000,000$. This is the tweet he sent about the Shopify costs

shopify alternatives

As you can see, the invoice is 421,10$ per month. The Shopify apps bring value but they are expensive and even a millionaire started to look for Shopify alternatives!

On VetrinaLive, you do not pay any transaction fees for your sales. Also, VetrinaLive offers a FOREVER FREE PLAN: with this plan, your store can have a maximum of 10 products. Again, you do not pay any transaction fees.




Billed annually

Max 50 produkter




Billed annually

Max 300 produkter




Billed annually

Obegränsade produkter

VetrinaLive has different packages. They are related to the number of products on your online shop. Once you want to sell more products, you can upgrade to another package.

Also, VetrinaLive has a connection with Zapier; so you do not need any API.

When you consider the Squarespace fees, VetrinaLive is the ultimate winner of the fees category.

Google Analytics 4 Traction: Shopify Alternatives for Shopify Google Analytics 4 GA4

As you know, Google Analytics is one of the best friends of ecommerce marketers. All of the answers for your questions have answers on Google Analytics.

Lately, Google made an announcement and said that Google Universal Analytics (Google UA) will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023. You can even see the note once you login into your Google Analytics account.

shopify alternatives and google analytics 4

After this announcement, most of the Shopify users started to look for Shopify alternatives.

So, it is important that you need to set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to your ecommerce store.

This is very easy on VetrinaLive. First you create a GA4 account and get your code. Then, simply navigate to the VetrinaLive admin page.

Add the GA4 code to your dashboard.

alternatives to shopify

That’s it! Now let’s check the GA4 dashboard to see if everything works.

vetrinalive is one of the best alternatives to shopify

Yes! It is working.

As you can see, we can track users on our VetrinaLive ecommerce store with GA4. We simply copy-paste the GA4 code.

It is easy, ıt works true and there is no confusion with VetrinaLive.

Now, let’s check Shopify. 

As we wrote previously several times, you need to use Shopify Apps to do basic things with your Shopify store. Currently, Shopify does not support GA4 traction. This means, to track your visitors with Google Analytics 4 on Shopify, you need to add an application.

There is only 1 application on Shopify to track GA4 analytics. The app costs 749$.

vetrina live as best alternative to shopify

The app has great support and works very well. But paying 749$ to use GA4 is questionable. This is more than 2$ per day, more than 62$ per month that you need to pay for the first year of your shop!

For any ecommerce, GA4 is very important to track, improve and increase the sales. We cannot find a reason why Shopify does not offer this free. Now, it is not surprising that people are looking for Shopify alternatives.

As a result, VetrinaLive is the winner of the Google Analytics 4 category.

Digital Downloads

Digital downloads are popular these days. Businesses sell PDFs, ebooks, files, images, music and any other digital files to generate revenue. Businesses also deliver digital downloads to their customers for support. These documents can be “how-to” documents, tutorials and certificates.

Without the purpose, digital downloads are part of most businesses. 

On Shopify, you can sell digital downloads with the help of apps. Shopif has its own digital download app and it is free.

shopify alternatives

As you can see, Shopify’s own app has just 3 stars from Shopify users. When we read the comments, we see that the app is not working very well.

Senza titolo8

It looks like the app has problems so we decided to check paid apps on Shopify to sell digital downloads. There are more than 400 apps that help you to sell digital downloads. We found one with a 5 star review. This app costs 9$ per month.

shopify paid apps

We want to mention again you pay this amount over your monthly plan. If you are in the Basic plan, you pay 29$ for the basic plane and 9$ for this Kable Digital Products app.

Also, you keep paying 2,9%+0,30$ transaction fees for every sale you do for digital downloads.

As like most of the other features, you need to add an app to your Shopify store to sell digital downloads. And as with most of the other features, Shopify’s free app does not work well.

To sum up, you need to get ready to pay more money to Shopify to sell digital downloads.

On VetrinaLive, you do not need to pay more to sell digital downloads. Even with the FOREVER FREE PLAN you can sell digital downloads. You can upload any size of digital download. Your customers can download the products easily, without leaving your website.

VetrinaLive wins the digital download category!

Live Chat Support

VetrinaLive has live chat support. That means, you talk to a real human on chat. Both customers and sellers have access to the live chat support.

marina customer support


If you have questions or doubts before purchasing, don’t hesitate to contact us

Vi återkommer till dig så snart som möjligt.

We check the customer reviews on Capterra and see that VetrinaLive users love the customer support team. There are lots of 5-star reviews about VetrinaLive and the customer support team.

“very good experience overall”

Pros: it’s very easy to use, a very intuitive interface as I was able to set up my own shop very fast. The customer support is amazing. With all their professionalism and involvement, I am sure that Vetrina Live will become shortly well known.

Squarespace offers 7/24 customer support with different channels. But getting a result with Squarespace customer support is a bit problematic.

The Squarespace support team is helpful, but it takes a lot of time to solve a problem. Also, Squarespace does not have live support like VetrinaLive.

With its live chat support, quick solutions, and fast response, VetrinaLive is the ultimate winner of the customer support category, too.

Shopify Alternatives: Apps

Until now, we hope you learned that Shopify offers different applications. We mentioned that there is an application to trackShopify  Google Analytics 4 that costs 749$. The other application that helps you to sell digital downloads on Shopify costs 9$ per month.

Of course, not all of these applications are unnecessary. These applications are expensive, some of them hard to set up. Some of them even make your website slower.

But with these apps, you can connect your Shopify to any other platform or program, like your accounting software. This is the powerful side of Shopify.

On the other hand, VetrinaLive does not offer these types of applications. This may look like a weakness.

But is it really like this?

You can connect your VetrinaLive shop to Zapier. With Zapier, you can automate everything. Do you want to connect your VetrinaLive shop to your accounting software? Done. What about connecting to your email service provider? Done.

With VetrinaLive and Zapier integration, you can automate your store without adding any other apps.

Zapier comes with a free plan. If you use more, you start to pay for Zapier. The Zapier costs increase with your sales, so they are not fixed costs.

On the other hand, Shopify applications are fixed costs. You need to pay for the applications even if you do not make any sales.

Applications are a good part of Shopify and this may stop people looking for Shopify alternatives. On VetrinaLive you can do anything with Zapier, without need of any paid applications!.

From this perspective, VetrinaLive is the winner of the apps category.

The Conclusion for Shopify Alternatives

We looked at Shopifyalternatives. It is quite a long article, so you may want to read it again. For your ecommerce store, both VetrinaLive and Shopify are good platforms. VetrinaLive is focused on e-commerce, whereas Shopify is kind of an app-store that offers different applications for e-commerce. For this reason, VetrinaLive is our top recommendation.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, VetrinaLive started as an order-management tool. Whether you think to stop selling on Shopify or just looking for Shopify alternatives; VetrinaLive is your best Shopify alternative!

What are you waiting to start building your store for free with VetrinaLive?