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Vetrina Live vs Sqarespace:
Squarespace alternatives for sellers

VetrinaLive is one of the easiest to use Squarespace alternatives without fees!

Introduction to Squarespace Alternatives

In this post, we will discuss one of the Squarespace alternatives:  Squarespace vs VetrinaLive. They are in the market for a while and offer different options. It is hard and time-consuming to compare them. 

So if you are looking for a place to sell your products online och choose Squarespace or VetrinaLive; you’ve come to the right place.

vetrinalive vs squarespace

In this Squarespace alternatives review, our research compares the 5 feature categories people find most appealing:

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Transaction Fee

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Help & Support

vetrina live is easier to use than squarespace

Ease of Use

appointment scheduling by squarespace

Appointment Scheduling

digital products in vetrinalive

Digital Download

If you are looking for a place to sell your products online, you’ve come to the right place.

Squarespace vs VetrinaLive: Who are they?

logo vetrinalive for email

VetrinaLive does not charge any transaction fees

VetrinaLive is an eCommerce platform to help people to start their own online store in under 10 minutes. VetrinaLive was launched in 2019 in Italy. Now, across the globe more than 4,000 businesses sell their products on VetrnaLive.

VetrinaLive does not charge any transaction fees.

VetrinaLive is very easy to use. You can set up an ecommerce store very quickly. Also, it has integration with ShippyPro. So you can fulfill orders faster and offer the delivery experience your clients expect when shopping from your store. VetrinaLive adopts new features regularly so the customer experience is improving on a regular basis.

Squarespace Logo 2010rid

Squarespace has features for different industries

Squarespace was founded in 2003 in Maryland. Squarespace was founded in a dorm room. From that time, the platform evolved a lot.

Squarespace wants to empower people to start their online journeys.

Squarespace has different features for different industries. You can reach these features and start to use them immediately.

The side-by-side comparison

glenn carstens peters 1F4MukO0UNg unsplash

Squarespace does not have a free plan, whereas VetrinaLive has both free and paid plans. In this Squarespace alternatives comparison article, we will compare both platforms.

VetrinaLive and Squarespace are both ecommerce platforms. This means, you add your product details to the platform and start selling.

The difference is that, on Squarespace most of the features are related to the payment you make. The more you pay, the more features you get.

In VetrinaLive, most of the plans have the same features. The only thing that changes is the number of products. You simply upgrade your plan to sell more different products.


Before choosing Squarespace, you need to investigate what features you need. In the cheapest plan of Squarespace, you cannot set up an eCommerce shop!

debora cardenas KPyXMkJ0UQU unsplash

Also, do not forget this: until the top plan, Squarespace gets 3% transaction fees from all your sales.

At the end of the day, you need to upgrade to the most expensive plan on Squarespace to use all the benefits. That’s why people are looking for Squarespace alternatives.

First of all, you do not pay any transaction fees on VetrinaLive. Also, most of the features are available in all paid plans. There are also powerful apps that you can use in your shop whenever you want to.

Now, let’s look at how Squarespace and VetrinaLive compare with each other in several key categories.

Jämför funktioner

alternatives to squarespace comparison table


As we mentioned earlier, Squarespace offers different features in different plans.

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The cheapest plan on Squarespace, Personal Plan, does not include e-commerce. If you want to sell your products online with Squarespace, you need to start with at least a “Business Plan”. This will cost you 24$ per month.

But there is another point to think about: in the “Business Plan”, for every sale you make, Squarespace gets a 3% transaction fee.

Assume that you sell 1000$ with Business plan, you will pay:

The “Basic Commerce” and “Advanced Commerce” plans do not get any transaction fees.

In this article, we are looking from an e-commerce perspective, and looking for Squarespace alternatives.

So the “Basic Commerce” and “Advanced Commerce” plans are the most suitable plans on Squarespace for e-commerce.

As we mentioned earlier, Squarespace offers different features for different plans. One of these features is the “Advanced shipping”. This feature helps you to calculate rates for the US. Only the “Advanced Commerce” plan has this feature.

It is important to mention that Squarespace offers an API in the most expensive plan. If you want to go beyond what Squarespace offers, you need to choose the most expensive plan.

On VetrinaLive, you do not pay any transaction fees for your sales. Also, VetrinaLive offers a FOREVER FREE PLAN: with this plan, your store can have a maximum of 10 products. Again, you do not pay any transaction fees.




Billed annually

Max 50 produkter




Billed annually

Max 300 produkter




Billed annually

Obegränsade produkter

VetrinaLive has different packages. They are related to the number of products on your online shop. Once you want to sell more products, you can upgrade to another package.

Also, VetrinaLive has a connection with Zapier in all plans; so you do not need any API.

When you consider the Squarespace fees, VetrinaLive is the ultimate winner of the fees category.

Ease of Use

VetrinaLive is very easy to use. You just add the product photographs, descriptions and price. Then you connect your payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe.

And your online shop is ready to use!

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up a store on VetrinaLive. Of course there are lots of options that will help you to customize your store.

On Squarespace, you need some time to learn how the platform works. Most of the people are looking for the Squarespace alternatives because of the learning curve.

It takes a couple of weeks to learn how to use Squarespace features.

There is no reason to write more about this topic. For the ease of you, VetrinaLive is one of the best Squarespace alternatives.

As a result, VetrinaLive is the winner of the ease of use category.

Storage for your Products: Squarespace Alternatives for Digital Downloads

digital products in vetrinalive woks better that squarespace

Digital download is a popular category in online businesses. You can sell PDFs, ebooks, files, images, music, and any other digital files on your online store.
On Squarespace, only the 2 highest packages have the feature to sell digital products:

“Basic Commerce”: 28$ per month
“Advanced Commerce”: 42$ per month

You can upload a maximum 300 MB file to Squarespace for digital products. Check this Squarespace warning about digital products:

Schermata 2022 10 03 alle 12.22.12

This is a highly limiting situation because the 300 MB file size is low for digital products. On Squarespace, it is nearly impossible to sell digital art, images, pictures, and detailed PDFs.

Forget about selling music and video files on Squarespace!

We know that some of the readers have already tried to sell digital products on Squarespace, and they gave up. They started to look for Squarespace alternatives and landed this page!

On VetrinaLive, there are no limits for digital download products. You can upload any size of digital download. Your customers can download the products easily, without leaving your website. Also, the addresses of the digital downloads are protected.

VetrinaLive wins the digital download category, too!


VetrinaLive has live chat support. That means, you talk to a real human on chat. Both customers and sellers have access to the live chat support.

marina customer support


If you have questions or doubts before purchasing, don’t hesitate to contact us

Vi återkommer till dig så snart som möjligt.

We check the customer reviews on Capterra and see that VetrinaLive users love the customer support team. There are lots of 5-star reviews about VetrinaLive and the customer support team.

“very good experience overall”

Pros: it’s very easy to use, a very intuitive interface as I was able to set up my own shop very fast. The customer support is amazing. With all their professionalism and involvement, I am sure that Vetrina Live will become shortly well known.

Squarespace offers 7/24 customer support with different channels. But getting a result with Squarespace customer support is a bit problematic.

The Squarespace support team is helpful, but it takes a lot of time to solve a problem. Also, Squarespace does not have live support like VetrinaLive.

With its live chat support, quick solutions, and fast response, VetrinaLive is the ultimate winner of the customer support category, too.

Squarespace Alternatives: Appointment Scheduling

As we mentioned earlier, Squarespace has different features. One of the most powerful features of Squarespace is appointment scheduling.

Even if you are a restaurant owner or a photographer, you may want to offer appointment scheduling for your customers. Appointments help you to organize your workflow and time.

squarespace make a reservation open table

Squarespace also offers a direct connection with 3rd party restaurant reservation marketplaces, websites, and applications.
The appointment system is helpful for businesses that work with appointments. So if your business needs appointments, Squarespace has very good solutions.

On the other hand, VetrinaLive does not offer any feature about appointment scheduling. This means, once you log in to VetrinaLive, you will not see the appointment features.

In the previous parts, we mentioned that you can connect your VetrinaLive shop to Zapier. With Zapier, you can automate everything.

There is an easy-to-use appointment feature on Zapier that is directly connected to your VetrinaLive store. With this free Zapier app, you can start getting appointments on your VetrinaLive store.

With that said, you do not need to show any effort about appointments on Squarespace.

Squarespace is the winner of the appointment scheduling category.

The Conclusion for Squarespace Alternatives

We looked at Squarescape alternatives together. You can use both of the platforms. VetrinaLive is focused on e-commerce, whereas Squarespace offers solutions for different industries. That’s why VetrinaLive is our top recommendation.

VetrinaLive started as an order-management tool, and it is growing into something much bigger. So, whether you think to stop selling on Squarespace or just looking for Squarespace alternatives, VetrinaLive is an excellent choice.

What are you waiting to start building your store for free with VetrinaLive?