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How a Home Accessories and Furnishings Store doubled the revenue with an eCommerce Store

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There are a lot of home accessories and furnishings stores out there that are struggling to keep up with the competition. Many of them are looking for a solution to increase their revenue.

The home accessories and furnishings store opened an eCommerce store and doubled its revenue.

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Home Accessories and Furnishings Store is not the real name of the shop. Our customer preferred to remain anonymous and we respect his decision.

The Story of Home Accessories store

The home accessories and furnishings store doubled its revenue with an eCommerce store. The business had been struggling to keep up with demand, but with an eCommerce store, they were able to increase sales by 100%.

The owner of the home accessories and furnishings store began looking into starting an eCommerce store about two years ago. At first, they weren’t sure if it was the right decision, but after doing some research they realized that it was a good option for their business.
They set up an eCommerce store using VetrinaLive and started selling products from furniture to curtains. Their brick-and-mortar location is still open but most of the revenue is coming from the eCommerce store.

Since starting the eCommerce store, its revenue has increased by 100%. In addition to increased sales, they’ve also been able to reduce their inventory by 50%. This has allowed them to focus on more profitable items and increase their turnover rate by 400%.

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The Challenges Faced

As a small home accessories and furnishings store, doubling its revenue was something the owners were looking to achieve. The challenge? Improving online sales.

The store had tried traditional methods of advertising and reaching out to customers through social media, but they just didn’t seem to be working. So the owners decided to try something new – an eCommerce store.

The results? A 100% increase in revenue! In fact, without an eCommerce store, the business would have gone bankrupt by now. Here’s why:


Increased Efficiency

With an eCommerce store, the owners were able to find ways to make their products more efficient and reduce costs. This included automating their shipping processes and using software that helped them keep track of their inventory levels.


More Customer Control

By being able to sell their products directly to consumers, the owners were able to give them more control over what they bought and how it was delivered. This allowed them to avoid middlemen who could take advantage of them and also saved them money on shipping costs.


Greater Exposure

An eCommerce store allows you to reach a wider audience than you can reach. All over the globe is your market.

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Why Chose VetrinaLive

When the owner decided to open her own home accessories and furnishings store, she researched various eCommerce platforms and landed on VetrinaLive.

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Since opening her store in January 2021, Stephanie’s revenue has doubled thanks to VetrinaLive’s help. “I love that I can continue to grow my business without having to invest a lot of money upfront,” she says.

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How VetrinaLive Responded

When it comes to starting an eCommerce store, it is important to choose the right service provider.

“The VetrinaLive team is amazing,” Stephanie says.
“They’re always available to help me answer questions or respond to feedback. They make it easy for my customers to find what they’re looking for, and they’re always willing to work with me to improve my store.”

A small home accessories store that had been struggling for years when it decided to take the plunge and launch an eCommerce store.

The VetrinaLive team helped Stephanie when she needed it.

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The Results

When it comes to turning a profit, many business owners understand that online sales can be a huge key to success. There are plenty of home accessories and furnishings stores that are doubling their revenue by opening eCommerce stores. Here’s what these stores have in common: they focus on providing customers with an easy and convenient way to purchase their products.
By following the exact steps, you can double your revenue too!

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