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Vetrina Live, en 360° løsning: e-handel, katalog og digital menu

Vetrina Live nem e-handel, katalog og digital menu


Vetrina Live is an Italian product born during the Coronavirus lockdown and initially offered free of charge to allow anyone who closed their shop to continue to carry out their online business. Vetrina Live can be used by any type of business, from clothing stores to delicatessens, art galleries and restaurants. 

It is clear that a standard e-commerce cannot be used by any business and it is precisely to meet the needs of multiple product categories and services that vetrinalive is born: not just an e-commerce but much more. 

Easy e-commerce 

Vetrina Live allows you to bring your own online store and start selling immediately in very few steps. The advantage of having a pre-built platform means that the only things to focus on are: 

  • Settings: enter a shop name, description, link to social networks, telephone number, logo and cover.
  • Products: add your products in a few clicks, even from a smartphone, by adding a name, description and photos. 
  • Delivery options: define the shipping methods for your customers, including express courier, direct delivery or in-store pickup. 
  • Terms of payment: decide how your customers can pay among cash on delivery, bank transfer, PayPal and Stripe (credit and debit cards). 

With these simple steps you will immediately create a complete e-commerce where your customers can view products, add them to the cart, choose how to receive them and pay for them. 

Not only e-commerce but also a digital menu   

As we have already anticipated, not all businesses need a proper e-commerce. 

In the case of food delivery, restaurants, pizzerias and bars, vetrinalive can be used to insert your menu online, update it every day and allow customers to order delivery at home or in the office. 

The admin panel of Vetrina Live allows you to better manage orders and deliveries and, compared to other intermediaries, there are no commissions on sales so you won’t need to raise product prices! 

In addition, restaurants serving at the table can also use the “Order at the Table” mode.

Vetrina Live: your easy e-commerce

The QR code to be photographed to access the menu has now become common in restaurants, also because the law has imposed it for hygiene reasons. The QR code usually opens a downloadable PDF or website. 

With the Vetrina Live Table Order mode, customers will not only be able to view the menu, but they will be able to place orders directly from their smartphone by specifying the table at which they are comfortably seated.  

With this feature, Vetrina Live is not only transformed into a real digital menu, replacing the paper one, but also allows direct ordering. From both smartphone and PC, through the vetrinalive admin panel, you can manage the orders received, print them for the kitchen and organize them in the best possible way. 

Online product catalog

The expression “showcase site” is still widely used to indicate that type of website that simply serves to give some information about the business and show a static catalog of products or services that usually requires the intervention of those who developed the site whenever updates need to be made. 

If you do not need a proper e-commerce and you want to maintain the relationship with customers in any case, you can use Vetrina Live to create your online products or services catalog, managing them in complete autonomy. Not a static site, difficult to update, but a customizable showcase of products and services. 

e-commerce, catalog and digital menu with Vetrina Live

For each product or service you can, in fact, indicate all the specifications in the description and show the details by adding up to 5 photographs. Promotions, discounts and new arrivals can be highlighted with the carousel of featured products and discounted prices. 

Your customers will be able to consult the catalog before a meeting or use it to save the items of their interest in the cart. 


Whether you want to create your e-commerce and immediately start selling online, start your food delivery business, manage orders at the table or create an online catalog of products or services to show to your customers, Vetrina Live is so versatile that it allows you to do everything.  

Tell us what kind of business you want to use Vetrina Live for and what you think about it.

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Giuseppe is an internet and technology enthusiast with a decade of experience in digital marketing. He arrives in the Vetrina Live as marketing manager after having worked in Milan for a multinational media company and a clothing e-commerce.

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