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Fashion Store

How a Fashion Store Earned 100,000$ more with an eCommerce Store

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There are a lot of fashion stores out there that are struggling to keep up with the competition.

Many of them are looking for a solution to increase their revenue.

The Fashion Store* opened an eCommerce store and earned 100,000$ more in a year.

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Fashion Store is not the real name of the shop. Our customer preferred to remain anonymous and we respect his decision.

The Story of Fashion Store

Many people love to shop for clothes. Yet, not everyone has the time or money to go to a department store and try on clothes. This is where eCommerce stores come in.

An eCommerce store is like a normal store, except that it sells products online. It can be anything from a clothing store to a computer hardware store. A fashion store is a particularly good example of an eCommerce store.

A fashion store doesn’t have to rely on physical sales to make money. Most fashion stores earn more money through their eCommerce stores.

One reason is that shipping costs are often lower for eCommerce stores.
A fashion store can make more money from each item it sells online than it can from each item it sells in a physical store.

Another reason why fashion stores make more money through their eCommerce stores is that they can market their products online. A fashion store can create different product pages for its online store that reflect the different styles of clothing that it sells. This makes it easier for potential customers to find the clothes that they’re looking for.


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The Challenges Faced

Fashion stores have long been a staple in many shopping malls, but they have recently been facing stiff competition from online retailers. Here are some of the challenges that fashion stores face when trying to compete with eCommerce stores:



online retailers often offer lower prices, which can be a major advantage for consumers.



many consumers shop for fashion items online because they can find a wider variety of products at lower prices than in traditional brick and mortar stores.


Frakt - Last mile

many online retailers ship their products to customers' homes, which eliminates the need for a store to carry inventory. This can lead to lower costs for the retailer and increased efficiency for the customer.


Customer Service

most online retailers provide excellent customer service, which can be a major advantage over traditional fashion stores.

online clothing store

Why Chose VetrinaLive

When it comes to online shopping, fashion is a hard category to beat. With so many choices available and people’s constant search for the latest trends, fashion stores have an opportunity to rake in big profits.

The Fashion Store looked for different eCommerce platforms. They realized that those eCommerce platforms:
📈 Get transaction fees. These platforms get at least 2.90% + 0,30$ for each sale.
📚 Are hard to set up. You need help to start and manage your eCommerce store.
💸 Need initial investment. The smallest monthly package starts at 79$.

They realized that VetrinaLive does not get any transaction fee. The monthly packages are affordable.

Also, VetrinaLive has lots of 5-star comments. After they read the reviews on different websites, the owners contacted VetrinaLive. They got an immediate reply. The owners found a platform with 5-start customer reviews. Also, they were happy with fast, solution-oriented customer support.

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How VetrinaLive Responded

Once Fashion Store reached VetrinaLive, the VetrinaLive support team offered the free version. With the free version, Fashion Store had a chance to see the benefits of VetrinaLive.

VetrinaLive support team helped Fashion Store to add products and product descriptions.
In 30 minutes, the eCommerce store was ready to take orders.

The next day, Fashion Store started to share the link to their website on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. The process was smooth: the store got the first order on the first day.

customer quotation about how to open an online clothing store
open an online clothing store

The Results

The Fashion Store that converted to an eCommerce store saw a significant increase in revenue.

They generate an average of $8,000 more per month than their traditional brick-and-mortar store. Also, their eCommerce store is more likely to experience growth in sales and customer base.

The main reason why eCommerce stores are more successful is that they allow customers to buy products from anywhere in the world. This means that Fashion Stores can reach a wider audience than traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

fashion store case study

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