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Viola 1905

How a Hundred Years old Italian Gastronomy Shop Increased the Number of Orders by 30%

viola 1905 use case


Viola 1905 is a historical gastronomy shop in Torre Del Greco, Naples, Italy. Viola 1905 offers special products and local cuisine. Viola 1905 also delivers lunch to nearby businesses and offices. With its physical shop and delivery services, Viola 1905 looked for ways to grow the business.

Viola 1905 wanted to get more orders from existing customers. The owners also wanted to sell different products to their customers. Viola 1905 realized the opportunities they can get with VetrinaLive.

After using VetrinaLive, Viola 1905’s number of orders increased by 30%. Moreover, the average receipt increased by 40%.

All these improvements resulted in a dramatic increase in the profits.

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The Story of Viola 1905

The history of the Cozzolino family is ancient, known for a long time by the nickname “Viola”.

Ciro was from Herculaneum, a historical and archaeological town of Vesuvius. That was the period in which the nickname “viola” stuck to him throughout his life. His descendants are still so known today.

Viola 1905 managed to survive World War 2.

Viola 1905 has traditional roots. It is one of the most important local businesses that bring Italian quality to the food.

Viola 1905 case study of vetrinalive

The Challenges of Catering the Viola 1905 Faced

Food delivery is a great way to increase the revenue of food businesses. You need a delivery guy for the delivery service. That’s all!

This was what Viola 1905 thought at the beginning. But after a couple of days, they realized that getting the orders via phone causes problems. Most of the time customers complain about the wrong order. Giuseppe, the owner of Viola 1905, got the orders himself, so he was sure he got the orders right, but this does not solve the problem. Also, they realized that customers do not order different foods.

To overcome these problems, Viola 1905 started to create PDF menus. Then the owners sent it via email and Whatsapp to their customers. Finally, the customers gave orders via email or direct messages.

Updating the PDF menu was impractical and the format left no room for creativity. Moreover, not all dishes had detailed images and descriptions. This caused a bigger problem: a collection of orders.

When there are more than 10 orders, it becomes very hard to organize the orders. Also, there should be at least 1 person to collect those orders and organize the process.

This was not Viola 1905’s initial plan.

Viola 1905's online shop

Why Viola 1905 Chose VetrinaLive

To solve the problems, Giuseppe, the owner of Viola 1905, started to look for solutions. He looked for digital transformation companies. He also looked for ready tools for online sales and eCommerce. Giuseppe found VetrinaLive when he was reading customer reviews about eCommerce platforms.

This is the first time Viola 1905 discovered VetrinaLive.

After they read the reviews on different websites, the owners contacted VetrinaLive. They got an immediate reply. This was the time Viola 1905 decided to give VetrinaLive a chance. The owners found a platform with 5-start customer reviews. Also, they were happy with fast, solution-oriented customer support.

How VetrinaLive Responded

Once Viola 1905 reached VetrinaLive, the VetrinaLive support team offered the free version. With the free version, Viola 1905 had a chance to see the benefits of VetrinaLive.

VetrinaLive support team helped Viola 1905 to add products and product descriptions. In 30 minutes, Viola 1905’s online store was ready to take orders.

The next day, Viola 1905 sent the link to their website to one of the customers. The process was smooth: customers ordered the food and paid. Moreover, customers also bought some other products.

After the first order, Giuseppe was happy at how everything was easy for him. Also, it is easy for his customers.

Viola 1905 started to use VetrinaLive as a “catering order platform” for business customers. After a while, all types of customers started to order via VetrinaLive.


“I did not think opening an eCommerce store would be easy. I did not imagine digital transformation could be fast.”

The Results

With VetrinaLive, Viola 1905 listed more than 500 products on their website. All the information is true and up to date.

It is also super easy to track out-of-stock products on the VetrinaLive Dashboard. Viola 1905 knows which products have a high demand. The owners use this information to understand customer desires and trends.

After VetrinaLive, all the order processes are automatic. There was no human in the order process.

After using VetrinaLive, Viola 1905’s number of orders increased by 30%. Moreover, the average receipt increased by 40%.

All improvements resulted in a dramatic increase in profits.


“With the simplified order management, we increased our revenue. We are able to scale our business without organizational issues.”

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