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15 ways How to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2022

website traffic

Here are fifteen ways for increasing website traffic organically or via paid advertising which has been proven to work.

1. Advertise

advertising as one of the ways to increase website traffic

We’ll begin with advertising since it’s the most obvious. Display advertising, social media advertising, and paid search campaigns are all excellent methods to make your website visible to your target audiences. Ask yourself whether what you want is to attract more users or if you’d like to encourage them to converse and spark a discourse as well before your paid methods are adjusted. It depends entirely on your objective. Every channel that is paid or sponsored has both pros and cons so it matters to think clearly regarding the ends you want to achieve before you decide to pay for anything.

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms among advertisers. To start your Facebook Ads, you need to add Pixel to your website. With this code, Facebook will be able to track your visitors and help you to optimize your ads. Instagram ads are easier to manage. You can easily promote the ads on your post. To create more specific audiences, you need to log in to your Facebook Ads account.

Google is the other strong platform for advertisement. By using Google, you can reach people on the Google search console and also on YouTube. YouTube ads are important for brand awareness. You can run both ads on your Google Ads account.

The fastest-growing social media platform is TikTok. TikTok helps you to reach a younger audience. TikTok ads are based on your location. It is important to decide where your target audience lives. Then you can work on your TikTok ads.

Snapchat and Pinterest have also different advertisement options. Snapchat is popular with a younger audience. Whereas, Pinterest is popular among American adults. If you are selling physical products in America, Pinterest is a great channel to promote your products.

2. SEO

increase your website traffic with seo

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” (SEO). It’s a word that describes the process of fine-tuning a strategy to get your webpage to the top of the search engine rankings, such as Google’s.

The primary difference between SEO and paid advertisements would be that SEO includes “organic” placement, which means you don’t have to purchase to be in that position. To better understand how to increase online traffic and rank your unique content, you must first understand how search engines function.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the Page

On-page SEO is mostly about producing content to improve your rankings. That means including keywords in your material, producing high-quality content on a regular basis, and making sure your meta-tags, as well as titles, are optimized and keyword-rich.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO means the optimization that occurs outside of your domain, such as backlink acquisition. This method includes making relationships and offering knowledge that people want to share. Though it requires a large amount of time and work, it is critical to SEO success.

Begin developing a plan to prevent duplicating material, such as many sites that are too similar, as this can negatively affect your website’s search rankings. Similar material is seen by Google

3. Perform a keyword search

keyword research to increase website traffic

Regularly incorporate certain keywords in the article you want to publish. Keywords must be integrated into the content naturally, not forcefully added so that they overwhelm the viewer or interfere with the main point. Significant information must be founded in the topic phrase, URL, page title, and headers.

Software such as Ahrefs, Moz, och SEMRush may be used to do keyword research. These services show which keywords your competitors are utilizing, how people often look for terms, how much marketing expenses are for the cost of pay-per-click for the phrase, equivalent keywords, and a variety of other information which can be utilized to drive strategy for keywords. You may also seek the help of an SEO firm to give professional insights and conduct audits that may affect your website negatively.

You can also use Google Ads Keyword Planner. This tool will show you the keyword volume. Also, it will suggest you the related keywords. Once you decide on the keywords, you can immediately start your Google keyword campaign.

4. Posting by a guest

guest posting to drive more traffic to the website

Guest blogging, or blog article writing for websites other than yours, makes it possible to get in touch with one’s viewers.

You’re going to need to have some training and time to develop yourself like a truly professional writer. If you write articles for a pertinent, high-quality blog website, on the other hand, you would indeed be known well as your website develops into fame. This results in the growth of the number of your visitors.

What is the reason behind guest posting as a good way to get leads? You must position yourself as an authority figure in your sector, make ties with other experts, and introduce your brand to a new audience by guest authoring.

Furthermore, through guest blogging, you will provide that website with one blog post, a backlink, a great Google ranking, more traffic, and money.

5. Guarantee that the content is easily remembered

It isn’t enough to merely submit the material; you also need to develop excellent content that sticks out. Increasing the number of visits to a website by adding current and fresh content is a good idea. Your information must be accessible on Google in order for you to reply to people’s inquiries in a complete, accurate, and relevant manner.

Also, add related material to your content. If you are publishing a blog post; can you record a video about the post and publish it with the blog? Or maybe you can create a template about the topic you write.

When you combine different types of content, your audience will likely learn about the content. They will spend more time with your content which will increase your conversion rates. The more value you give to your audience, the more they will remember about your content; and also your brand.

The essential idea is that if you enjoy the material you produce, are writing consistently, and investigate what your target audience likes or prefers to view, your online traffic should increase.

content is king and to drive traffic make it good

6. Change It Up

The blueprint for successful or impeccable content marketing isn’t as complicated as one may think it would be.

For your site to be aesthetically or visually appealing to users and readers from different walks of life– mix up the presentation and length of your chosen material. This will attract them to your site more. To get the optimized result of your effort, combine news-based and shorter entries with the material in much longer form, videos, infographics, and works that are driven by data.

Also, use the same content in different formats. Remember that everyone learns in different ways. Some of us like reading, some of us like listening, and some of us like watching videos. That’s why it is important to create different types of content.

7. Backlinks

link building and backlinks

When another website connects directly to yours, this is known as a backlink. Outbound or incoming links are other terms for them. When a big sum of sites refer back to your own website, it tells the web browser that your material is important and deserves to be linked. In exchange, the search tool will boost the rankings and exposure of your website in search engine results.

Let’s start with what does not work: do not use backlink automation tools. These tools submit any link same websites. So these websites will have less important for the search engines. Second, do not buy backlinks. If you can buy backlinks from a website, other people can buy too. So the website will lose its reputation. This will not help you.

Instead, do the hard work. Check the forums about your niche. Start answering people’s questions, then submit your link. Quora is a great place to start for answering questions. Also, you can use https://boardreader.com or https://findonforums.com to find the forums on the web.
These search tools help you to find the discussion related to your search.

8. Make an industry tool or piece of content that is useful

Increasing the number of visitors by improving the quality of the options available is a wonderful approach to accomplish so.

For instance, in a marketing digital agency, built a user-friendly editorial schedule design. We wanted to provide a platform for marketers to use to make the whole thing of developing and delivering content more efficient. Make relevant industry information accessible on the website and distribute it freely.

Similarly, in VetrinaLive, we created a KPI Tracking template for E-commerce entrepreneurs. This tool helps any e-commerce entrepreneur track the business. With the help of this tool, e-commerce entrepreneurs can see growth opportunities easily.

Start thinking about the main problem of your target audience. Then ask this question: which simple tool can solve the problem of my audience? This is the tool you will build.

9. Irresistible Headlines to Write

write beautiful headlines

The headline of your material is probably among the most important parts of all of this. Even a very thorough blog article isn’t given much attention if it fails to have a catchy headline. Teaching yourself how to create an attention-grabbing headline is a must.

For instance, BuzzFeed as well as Upworthy authors sometimes make up to twenty draft titles before selecting one which would generate far more traffic. With this in mind, consider and think about your headline thoroughly before pressing “publish.”

Check your previous posts and their headlines. What are the similarities between the successful posts? Also, check your competitors’ headlines. Then you can easily continue the process.

10. Press Releases Should Be Distributed to Prominent Publications

press release to drive website traffic

When producing news releases to promote business or their clients, enterprises should not simply send them to a news release distribution platform and await the results. They must actually encourage the release and spread it to relevant websites and periodicals.

When we want to get the word out about a client’s accomplishment, we send it to industry-specific websites and newspapers. As a consequence of our initiatives, lots of new prospects might be obtained, as well as enhanced referral traffic for the business.

In press releases, distribution has a huge effect. Send your content to different journalists, magazines, and newspapers. This should be a regular activity for you and your marketing team. When you share information with platforms, they will likely give you space.

11. Invite others to contribute to your blog as guest bloggers

It’s a two-way street when it comes to guest writing. Invite others in your industry to write with your own site in addition to sharing information on other sites. They’re inclined to share as well as a link to a guest post, thereby bringing additional visitors to your site. Since Google is tightening down upon low-quality blog posts, make sure you only submit high-quality, unique material without spammy links.

While you are choosing the guest bloggers for your platform, think from a wider perspective. Your audience does not only hear from you. They want to read about other topics. Check those topics, then find a guest blogger for the niche.

Your guest blogger will deliver a high-quality article to your audience. This will increase your credibility. Also, the guest bloggers will share the article with their own audience. New people will interact with your content.

This can even bring some new customers to your product or service!

12. Send out newsletters through email

send newsletters to make visitors come back

Making use of newsletters through email to marketing content is an excellent approach to boost website traffic. Below are some of the best practices in email campaigns: The email’s subject line and subject content are meant to spark the audience’s attention.

  • Provide a button or a link that leads to extra content for subscribers.
  • Check to see if your emails are mobile-friendly.
  • Links should be quickly available since mobile devices represent roughly 46% of email openings.
  • By including the user’s name, you may apply customization strategies.
  • Use aesthetically appealing themes to boost the email’s allure.
  • You may use A/B testing to see which email versions generate the most hits and clicks.

Also, motivate your reader to share the newsletter with friends. Add “share” buttons for different social media platforms.

While we are talking about newsletters, it is a good time to think about email sequences. You can share any content with your audience in a sequence. Simply, you write 3-7 emails and schedule these emails. When you decide on an email campaign like this, it is good to think about delivering value for your audience.

You can offer email courses or “do it yourself” projects. Simply deliver your best content as an email sequence. In the last emails, start promoting your products or services that is related with the previous emails.

13. Interviewing Thought Leaders in the Industry

interview leaders in the industry

Are you under the impression that interviews are reserved for such big leaguers? If you simply ask, you’ll be surprised at how many individuals are willing to speak with you.

Send letters to opinion makers in your field seeking interviews, and then post the discussions on your site. Not only will your reputation and website traffic grow as a result of the interviewee’s name recognition, but the interviewee is also likely to share the information, further increasing its reach.

First, make a list of 10 people you want to interview. Then reach them. You can use LinkedIn. These days, every professional has a LinkedIn profile.

After reaching them, decide the day and time for the interview. Prepare 3-5 general questions and share them with your guest. Use Zoom to record the interview.

Once you interview, send a thank you email to your guest. Edit the recording. If you do not want to spend time editing, you can hire people on Upwork or Fiverr.

Now you are ready to share the knowledge with your audience! Share the content with the guest, and your audience. Also, share it on different social media platforms.

14. Make sure your website is friendly for mobile users

make sure your website is mobile friendly

Gone are the days when the only accessory we can use to access the internet are computers. More individuals today than in the past use mobile phones to utilize and get access to the internet.

A very efficient way of driving away your users from your site is by making them scroll and pinch throughout the site. Despite a simple or sleek website, make sure that it is accessible and smooth to look at on a range of different devices, including but not limited to tiny smartphones.

Go to https://pagespeed.web.dev and write your website address. This tool will show how your website is doing. You will get a couple of suggestions to make your website more user-friendly. Share this list with your web developer or IT team.
Google publishes changes regularly. By testing your website regularly, your website will stay updated.

15. Encourage a feeling of belonging

People like to express themselves and chime in on topics about which they are passionate, so incorporating a network into your website is a wonderful avenue to begin a discussion and drive traffic directly to your site.

Use third-party alternatives like Comments on Facebook as well as Disqus to build a strong commenting platform, or construct a separate board where visitors may ask questions. However, keep in mind that you must regulate your forum to guarantee that minimal standards of civility are met.

In any community, it is important to add value to your members. Moreover, you need to share relevant content. Some community managers just share blogs or social media posts in the community. This is not a good way to build a community.

People come to your community to gain new perspectives. They wait to see new ideas in the community. Why will they stay in the community if you simply copy&paste the content on your website?


The tactics outlined in this post should assist you in efficiently increasing website traffic. It is, however, tough to get blog content that is fresh and appealing to appear on Google so it can attract visitors to the website. To kick off a great start, check at website design for startups, particularly if you’re completely new in this field of internet marketing.

To keep your company interesting and persuade Google that you’re always active, you’ll need to keep up with current material and continue to attract new visitors. As a consequence, you’ll need to keep your material fresh and come up with new ideas on a regular basis.

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